Gina Dominik
Sometimes It Snows in April
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On Our Children and Their Dormitory Lives
by C. Bomstein
a story

Mina Loy
by Prof. Ethan P. Quest
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Anna Moser
Preliminary Notes // The Architecture of Experience
an essay

And a horse:

Gina's parent's horse

Things that aren’t quite scholarly or literary. Like gender neutral pronouns.

Thirteen One Is Not A Number

A video rendering of an fMRI scan of my brain, taken during a linguistics study about the relationship between words and sounds, or between the sounds of words and the sounds of things that are not quite recognizable as words; a study about how the brain processes the sounds of words as words. Accompanied by a small child making statements about numbers, or the relationship between numbers and words that sound like numbers. And a song about crescendos and repetition, or the layering of looped guitar riffs.

Here is the video (it might not work in Firefox).

Here are the words/non-words from the FMRI study.

— K. Adams


A Classic Introduction to Pornography

When I was twelve years old I traveled to Italy with my family for the first time. I brought a sketchbook and spent one productive hour drawing Michelangelo’s David in Florence. I was very proud of the proportions that I had achieved and the delicacy of my pencil lines, but I could not bring myself to draw his penis. While I was visiting my parents this summer, I reopened the sketchbook from this trip and looked at the drawing once again. I decided that it was a precocious drawing by a twelve year old and I sympathized with my younger self for leaving out the penis. I also recalled walking through the papal palace on the same visit and my discovery that many of the naked male sculptures’ appendages had fig leaves placed over them because a certain pope had found them indecorous during the Counter Reformation. Looking at the sketch, I vividly remembered not only the cool stone that I sat on while I drew, but also my uncomfortable sense that by drawing the penis I would somehow experience – and gain knowledge of – an as yet unrecognized form of titillation.

AF [pornography]

one more penis just for fun

2014-10-26 10.49.47

— courtesy of A.M.

A Fashionable Sketch

by way of a submission on penises, may I offer a doodle I discovered in one of my undergrad notebooks? It contains a v. lame cartoon about Cambridge homosexuals of about the time of Siegfried Sassoon. (I’m retroactively assigning a date based on the hazily-defined fashions of the women in my doodle: clearly I knew nothing about clothes.

Gay at Cambridge